Retaining Walls

You’ve heard the slogan, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That concept works great for landscaping—until you have to deal with tricky hills and slopes. If you’re constantly losing the battle with gravity, DC Landscape Group can build a few well-placed retaining walls to solve the problem. As part of the hardscape family, these walls provide order and support to the horticultural elements in your yard, effectively keeping things in their place with style and accenting other designs. Contact us today at (410) 956-1011 to see how these walls can prevent backsliding.

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Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Thanks to our experience in all things hardscaping, we understand the benefits of a properly installed retaining wall. Generally, these walls serve two major purposes:

1. The Functional Purpose

Since Maryland is so hilly, many homeowners have found out the hard way that the beautiful flower bed they planted on a slope doesn’t just magically stay there. Give your flower beds a different fate by contacting DC Landscape Group. We’ll level the land and build a wall to help maintain structure.

2. The Aesthetic Purpose

In addition to their functionality, these walls often double as decorative features during a home renovation. We can build retaining walls with different materials (such as brick, block, stone, wood, etc), colors, and even patterns that add some pizzazz to your plot. The structure and distinction they give flower beds and other landscape design elements provide a visually appealing, polished look.

Living Walls

To really give your backyard a natural look, try adding a living wall. This is a new trend that starts with installing the wall—a porous concrete structure designed with plenty of hollow spaces for vegetation to grow. Then we plant grass, ivy, vines, and other native flora into the wall. These plants grow and take over, creating a seemingly “all natural” barricade. In addition to being a great conversational piece, research  shows that these walls help improve air quality, manage storm water runoff, and moderate temperature, just to name a few of their health and environmental benefits.

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Retaining walls not only appeal to the eye, but they also add functionality to your home, lawn, and gardens. Take a look at the photos below for an idea of how DC Landscape Group can best accentuate your home with some elegant yet effective retaining walls. Contact us today at (410) 956-1011 to learn more, receive a quote, and ask us how we can make a retaining wall to add to this gallery!

The Retaining Wall Specialists

DC Landscape Group has mastered the art of engineering customized retaining walls. We think holistically about their appearance and their functionality. Many companies can build a good-looking wall, but they don’t know how to make it last against potentially destructive environmental factors, like runoff, drainage, erosion, and lateral pressure. If you want your wall to look good and last for years to come, choose DC Landscape Group.

At DC Landscape Group, we’re dedicated to protecting your property, perfecting its appeal, and enhancing your quality of life. Contact us at (410) 956-1011 to make an appointment today. We provide Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas with our professional lawn care services.