Landscaping Services

We all judge books by their covers. Think of your yard as the “cover” of your house. When people look at it, does it accurately represent your home? If not, DC Landscape Group is here to help. We specialize in using landscaping to upgrade the appearance of your home, giving you an inviting and classy “cover” that sun-scorched grass, disheveled flower beds, and unsightly weeds will never achieve. Contact us today at (410) 956-1011 to transform your yard into a beautiful and relaxing haven.

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Let Your Yard Flourish

In order to achieve your yard’s best, we have a specific landscape design and lawn care processes we go through, combining your dreams and vision with our ideas and hands-on expertise. We like to think of ourselves as architects of the land, carefully crafting each raised garden, tree formation, rain garden, and flower bed. Our knowledge of different plants and flowers, as well as the different types of Maryland soil, helps us position everything to flourish.

Contact the Landscaping Experts!

Below are some of the major horticultural categories that we can use to landscape your yard:

  • Flowers: We can help you find flowers that fit with your style and your soil conditions. Whether you want tropical or indigenous, short or tall, planting flowers is one of the easiest ways to add color and beauty to a yard.
  • Bushes: Bushes and shrubs are popular because they grow quickly, and most don’t require much care besides the occasional pruning. Better yet, we can plant shrubs that will burst with blossoms each year.
  • Trees: A large tree provides shade, depth, and natural beauty to your yard. If you aren’t lucky enough to already have trees, we can plant some for you. If you have trees that aren’t in an ideal location, we’re skilled at carefully transplanting them.

Landscaping and maintenance runs in our bones, so we’re always proud to display the fine work we do. View some of the photos below for landscaping tips and an understanding of what DC Landscape Group can do for you!

Landscape Design and Maintenance

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, your beautifully landscaped yard won’t stay that way without some occasional weed pulling, fertilization, pruning, and other upkeep work. DC Landscape Group can make a personalized landscape maintenance plan just for your yard. Our employees are happy to take over the yard maintenance tasks from you, freeing you up for the important things in life.

In addition to our landscaping services and architecture, we also do hardscaping—including retaining walls. Our affordable prices, fast workers, and horticultural insight make attaining a beautifully manicured lawn just one call away. Contact DC Landscape Group today at (410) 956-1011 to begin the transformation. We serve DC, Annapolis, Edgewater, Baltimore, Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas with general landscaping, design, home improvement, environmental solutions, and lawn care services.