Hardscape Services

At DC Landscape Group, we want to transform your ordinary yard into a relaxing oasis. While planting flowers, shrubbery, and trees is an important part of the process, landscaping doesn’t cover everything. A quality yard renovation also includes concrete or hardscape elements like sidewalks, walls, stone patios, and more. Contact DC Landscape Group at (410) 956-1011, and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss what features would best complement your land.

Many people think of hardscaping as the frame that completes the picture. It adds variation, intention, and order to your greenery, giving your yard that extra “wow” factor.  Below are some hardscape design ideas that will help tie everything together.

Hardscaping Baltimore

Whether you want a high privacy wall or a short retaining wall, DC Landscape Group excels at building walls—even in the midst of the erosion and drainage problems that Maryland landscaping often presents. We have experiencing constructing and planning a variety of walls, including block walls, wooden walls, stone walls, and living walls.

Stone Patios Baltimore
Living Spaces

Complete your outdoor oasis by giving yourself a comfortable spot to enjoy it in. Picture yourself relaxing on a deck or patio, lounging in a chair underneath a pergola, or admiring the stars by an outdoor fire pit. Any of these whimsical outdoor living spaces create an inviting atmosphere to relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors. Adding a patterned stone sidewalk leading up to your favorite spot will artistically complete the look.

Masonry Work Baltimore

Nothing is as quaint as having a decorative walkway made of pavers winding through your backyard. Pavers are pieces of stone, concrete, brick, or tile material that are arranged to make a stone patio, brick driveway, or another type of path. Their eye-catching colors and beautiful patterns add a decorative accent to your yard.

For a less ornate but more functional option, we can also make a path using permeable pavement. This material absorbs water, helping to reduce storm water runoff and contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

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DC Landscape Group is reflective when it comes to designing a hardscaped patio, walkway, or any other surface. We understand all facets of hardscaping, so our customers can provide us with their thoughts on design, and we’ll do whatever is necessary to complete the project to their specifications. Contact us at (410) 956-1011 to learn more and receive a free estimate! For more hardscaping ideas or to get a better understanding of what we’re capable of, check out our photo gallery below.

The Art of Design

Hardscaping complements and frames the landscaping in your yard. Together, these two elements transform your outdoor space into an incredible retreat. Whether you want to incorporate all of the above features or just a few of them, the hardscape and concrete contractors at DC Landscape Group can help you choose the materials, design, and placement that will best showcase your yard. Contact us today at (410) 956-1011 to schedule a meeting. We serve Baltimore, Annapolis, DC, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas with our lawn care services.