Lawn Care & Service

During the spring and summer seasons, many homeowners strive for a lush lawn. For those times when the grass really is greener on the neighbor’s side, let the lawn service experts at DC Landscape Group come to the rescue. We recognize that every lawn in Baltimore has a distinct environment. Our company can transform your patchy yard into a thick green carpet that will make your property look flawless. Call us at (410) 956-1011 to learn about our landscaping and lawn services.

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Our Residential Lawn Care Services

Since 1997, we’ve remained a trusted landscape and home improvement company in Baltimore. We believe that lawn care is a good investment for the following reasons:

  • Time saving: Think about how long you spend mowing the lawn every week. Add in mulching and weed control, and you’ve probably calculated hours that could have been spent elsewhere. Our workers take the time to maintain your lawn, giving you one less chore to worry about.
  • Quality service: We hire experts who know how to effectively treat any problems with your lawn. Our methods not only improve the appearance of your grass, but also strengthen the soil conditions and act as a line of defense against pests.
  • Affordable prices: You’ll reap the benefit of having an attractive and healthy lawn — at an inexpensive cost.

In addition to our lawn services, we can help you realize the full potential of your yard with our other landscaping services. From retaining walls to patios, we know the best projects to bump up your curb appeal.

Commercial Lawn Services

Aside from residential properties, our professionals offer their horticultural expertise to businesses in Maryland. We pride ourselves in being a trustworthy company that can regularly provide mowing, mulching, weed control, and pest protection for your commercial lawn. If your business is going green, we offer environmental services that utilize organic approaches to creating a beautiful lawn.

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Professional Lawn Care Service

Besides lawn care, our professionals serve Baltimore, Annapolis, DC, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas with hardscaping and custom design services. With the meticulous attention of our workers, your immaculate lawn will look like it just fell out of the pages of a magazine. Contact us today at (410) 956-1011 to kick-start your lawn transformation.